How to do MBA in US


Nowadays the trend of everything is changing in our country. Some people have to come from village to city and some people from city to foreign country. Nowadays, studying abroad is becoming a different trend in our country.

Those people who have lot of money are motivating their children for MBA degree from abroad. By the way, there are many countries where MBA degree program is done. But Indians have the first choice MBA in USA. An important reason for this is that according to the Financial Times, out of 100 best MBA colleges in the world, 51 colleges are from USA only. Now you must have understood why USA is the first choice of Indian students ?

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, people who get MBA degree from USA, their salary increases up to 70%. That’s why MBA is a better option if you want to take your career to the top. Even though the MBA program in India is a 2-year degree program, America has better options than this.The best thing about doing MBA in USA is that the education system here is very flexible. You can choose any full time or part time course as per your convenience.

MBA is a better option for those who want to settle in America and get a job. The quality of America’s education, internships and balanced courses make it different from the rest of the education system in the world.

What are the types of MBA in USA ?

What are the types of MBA in USA

We all know that the duration of doing MBA from India is two years. But in America there is no such requirement. People choose MBA program according to their convenience and need. Let us know what are the types of MBA in USA.

Full Time MBA

For your information, let us tell you that the duration of full time MBA in USA is 2 years. In the first year of MBA program, students are taught their subject. In the second year, students are asked to choose a specialisation. Along with studies, students are also given knowledge of practical experience. According to a survey, it is very important for a student to have complete dedication and concentration to pursue a full-time course.

Part Time MBA

Although the name of this MBA program is part time but this program takes more time than full time program. This is because the classes for this course are held only on weekends. This program is a better option for those working in the office or doing business. Part time MBA is similar to full time MBA but the duration of its completion can be longer than 2 years to 4 years.

Accelerated MBA

This MBA program is selected only for the knowledge of some selected subjects. This is a very early completion MBA program. The completion period of this program ranges from 12 months to 18 months. In this program, you do not have to study those subjects which you already know. This is a great MBA program for business people.

Executive MBA in USA

This MBA program is not available to everyone in America. This course is designed only for high level executives in the organization. With the help of this MBA program, knowledge of leadership, communication and teamwork skills is gained. Executive MBA program is organized by most of the companies for their employees only.

What are the eligibility criteria for Indian students to do MBA in USA?

First of all, the student must have a USA VISA.

Student must have a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.5 to 4 or higher.

Graduation in business is not mandatory to do MBA in USA. This is the reason why many engineering, medical and science background students also get MBA degree.

Generally MBA Colleges in USA ask for at least 2 to 4 years of experience but this Criteria can also be different.

Some MBA colleges demand at least 8 years of work experience.

After you have submitted all your required documents, the college can call you for an interview after selection.

Ds-160 application form has to be filled online for students doing MBA in USA. The application fee is $160. After applying, I-20 form also has to be attached along with all your documents. The I-20 form is issued by the college.

You will need to submit your passport and two forms. Thereafter the student is called for a visa interview. After this, if everything is according to the rules, then VISA and passport are given to the student after a few days.

Top universities for MBA in USA 

Here is a list of the top universities and business schools in the USA for MBA along with the global rank and the fee of the program. 

S. No.Name of the UniversityCourse Fee ($)Rank by FT for global MBA
1Harvard University150,0001
2University of Pennsylvania, Wharton162,0002
3Stanford Graduate school of Business150,0003
4Columbia Business school155,0008
5University Chicago-Booth144,00010
6North-western University- Kellogg’s  175,00011
7U C Berkeley130,00012
8Yale School of Management150,00014

We have mentioned the reasons to study MBA in USA for Indian students, types of MBA in the USA, the eligibility criteria, and visa process along with the top universities.

frequently asked questions

Question:- Which exam is required to do MBA in USA?

Answer:- To do MBA from USA, the student has to pass GMAT i.e. Graduate Management Admission Test. Students with high GMAT scores have immense opportunities here.

Question:- MBA cannot be done in USA without passing GMAT

Answer:- No, students who are willing to do MBA in USA they have to clear GMAT in any case. Yes, if you have a good job experience then some possibilities can be created for you.

Question :- Can students get scholarship during MBA in USA

Answer:- The good news is that USA provides a lot of facilities to Indian students in which scholarship is also prominent. There are many educational institutions in USA that provide scholarships to students from abroad so that they can study well.

Question :- How effective is it to do MBA in USA?

Answer:- The scope of doing MBA in USA is unlimited. MBA in Human Resource Masters in USA is generally involved in planning, integration and direction of administrative duties of an organization.

Question :- If someone does not have work experience then he can do MBA in USA?

Answer:- The direct answer to this is – Yes. There are some universities here which also offer MBA course without any work experience. Prominent among these universities are the Wharton MBA (University of Pennsylvania), Chicago Booth School of Business (University of Chicago), Columbia Business School (Columbia University), Yale School of Management and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Question:- Can one do MBA in USA without passing GMAT?

Answer:- There are some universities in USA which run MBA degree program even without GMAT scorecard. Among them Northwestern University, Suffolk University, University of Phoenix, Pace University, University of Delaware, University of St. Thomas etc.

Question:- How good would it be for Indian students to do MBA from USA?

Answer: – We all know that doing MBA from USA is the dream of many Indian students. According to a research, the cost of MBA in USA is around 70 lakhs. Apart from this, living and eating separately. In such a situation, the dream of many deserving students remains a dream.