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Missy Elliot is a native of Portsmouth. She became emotional after being honored in her city. On this occasion, Missy said, “I love you all very much the way you guys are giving me love. Thank you for giving me so much love and respect.”t

Missy is a well-known hip-hop artist. Monday was a very special day for him. On this occasion, he also brought back some memories of his childhood. At the same time, Missy laughed a lot at the mischief with her younger brother.

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I have received many honors in my career till date and won many awards, but when you get love and respect from your hometown, there is no response.”

thousands of fans, leaders of the city of Portsmouth and members of Missy’s family came to her school. Here Missy graduated in 1990.

She was at times filled with Missy feelings during the pleasant experience that happened to her.