Cancer warning after huge rise in people smoking pipes, shisha and cigars in UK

According to a research, the number of people smoking pipes, shisha and cigars in UK has increased more than five times in a decade. Experts related to this research, claims that this increase can also increase the increase in the number of patients of mouth cancer. lung cancer such as cancer related to smoking.

According to a study published in the Nicotine and Tobacco Research Journal, approximately 772,800 unique non-cigarette tobacco users were compared to 151,200 in 2013. So it’s because of smoking pipes, shisha and cigars in UK

These figures are based on researchers of UCL. These researchers have researched its research on approximately 1,700 adults in a month on smoking habits between 2013 and 2023.

Researchers found that the biggest number of youth used to use non-cigarette tobacco. In which 3% of the 18-year children used this type of tobacco, compared to 1.1% of the 65-year-old elders. This figure is very dangerous for smoking pipes, shisha and cigars in UK

It was also found in the study that the prevalence between men and current values is high. In 2022-23, one of 10 smokers only used non-cigarette tobacco, such as cigar and sheesh pipe. Cigars, Shisha, Cigarilos and Pipe are non-cigarette forms of smoking and can be more harmful than cigarettes.

The British Heart Foundation has claimed that a shisha pipe smoking person can breathe the amount of smoke between from 20 minutes to 80 minutes as much as the person drinking more than 100 cigarettes.

Charity has also said that tobacco free sheesh still produces dangerous toxins from the smoke. It has been stated in the study that people who believe in these forms of smoking can be less harmful than cigarettes, as well as financial reasons may be more harmful than cigarettes.

It has also been mentioned in the study that in May 2020, these types of smoking were not included in the mentality cigarettes. This may mean that people who prefer flavor can turn towards other products not included in the ban, such as Sheesh and Cigar.

Smoking pipes, shisha and cigars in UK is considered directly responsible for 54,300 cases of cancer in the UK. On the issue, Britain’s ministers are making a serious consideration on the law.

According to this law, no one will not be authorized to buy cigarettes in England on any form on 1 January 2009 or later, because smoking age will increase one year every year.

Dr. Ian Walker, Executive Director of Policy in Cancer Research UK, said that “Tobacco is responsible for the death of a person every five minutes in Britain. Such research shows that the issue of smoking is not just about cigarettes – all tobacco products are harmful and cause cancer, whether they come in any form. Government is working hard to prevent smoking pipes, shisha and cigars in UK

“That’s why here it is also important that the government’s sales law is applicable to all tobacco products. If this law is strictly implemented, then this law will be a credibility step towards making smoking free UK, with the help of which the generations coming from the help of tobacco will be prevented. “

Key writers based on UCL’s Institute of Epidemiology and Health Sarah Jackson has claimed that “this 10-year long study shows a change in the use of non-cigarette tobacco and also displays a related picture in front of us.

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It is fine that the number of cigarette drinkers has been seen to see. Our data show has increased rapidly in the use of other smoked tobacco products, especially in young people.

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“It is important that the services of smoking closing are adequately funded and are available in the entire Britain so that about 772,800 people who use non-cigarette tobacco products, and millions of people who use cigarettes, they are supported to leave them It is necessary. “