How to save yourself, your children and animals with the outbreak of Tick-affected areas in Ottawa

It is fine that there are many health benefits from increasing activity and enjoying the outside of the house. But Ottawa wants to alert the public from the diseases due to the public due to the risks in the Public Health Tick-affected areas in Ottawa

Public Health Agency says that people should have complete information about lime disease in wood areas or in long grass areas. The general public should be alerted by this. Tick-affected areas in Ottawa

“Stop tick cutting is important for prevention of live disease,” It is written on the OPH’s website. Meanwhile, Townships of Leeds and Thousand Islands have said in this regard that when the current temperature is above 4 degrees, the tick becomes active. Here it is very important that depending on the length of being infected tick from a tick to human transmission.

“For Lime Disease and Bebaciosis, a tick to take the form of a disease is needed to stick to the human body for 24 hours or more, while this period is only 12 hours for Anaplajmosis.

Apart from this, for a lime disease, you can also consult a good pharmacist who may be able to provide preventive medicine. In some circumstances, “said Leeds Thousand Islands in a news release last days.

If tick has been stuck with your body for more than 24 hours, then it can be very risky for you and then it is advisable for you to contact your family doctor.

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Now we are telling you how to protect yourself from Lime Diseases: • Apply an approved insect repellent containing deet or icaridin.

• Check yourself constantly on the body of your children and your pet.

• Check your pet daily for ticks, especially when your animal lives for more time in wood or higher areas.

• If you look at your child or dog body, then remove the ticks as soon as possible. If you find a tick on your body, then use fine tweezers, understand the head of the tick closer to the skin as possible and drag slowly until the removal of the tick. Keep in mind that the tick does not turn or rotate.

Do not use a match, lotion or anything else on the tick.

“Lime disease is a significant health concern in many parts of Canada and the bacteria spreads by cutting black-colored tickets infected with Borelia Burgdardi.

Most people are infected with lime disease, which is called Apsara through an immature tick bite, “an article written on the OPH’s website.